Video content on digital signage always has to be compelling in order to capture mass attention.  Digital signage is everywhere lately so it shouldn’t be forgotten that how it looks also makes a difference in capturing those who may be use it.  Despite 4K TV’s still being slow to build on the consumer market, 4K digital signs may be a different story now that they’re available and ready to be used by companies.  A company called Shuttle Computer Group has just designed a 4K digital sign that may soon be seen in companies across the nation.

With more than just the quality of the image, these digital signs are very thin and reported to have a smart fan inside so they run cool and never overheat.  They also have network connectivity with security features so they can be instantly updated with content without worrying about hackers infiltrating into the system.

It’s what these 4K digital signs are capable of showing, though, that may allow them to be used for more than one purpose.  As 4K becomes the closest we’ve seen in video content looking like virtual reality, what will most 4K digital signs be displaying in another year or two?

More Details in Advertising and Graphics

You likely know why products always enlarge pictures of a product on their packaging in order to entice consumers.  Yes, the “enlarged to show texture” message on products has been done for years to show the details of something edible to make it look more enticing. On a 4K digital sign, advertising won’t have to worry about that, because a product’s texture will look more than vivid in the higher resolution. Even more so, showing someone using the product on a 4K digital sign will make it look more vivid and give those watching a better indication of reality.

Using 4K as a virtual product demonstrator is already going to be invaluable to companies around the world.  While it may show reality of products in a vivid light, graphics will look even better. With some companies needing to rely on graphics to sell their wares, seeing them in a near 3D-like way in 4K will capture anyone’s attention, whether walking through an indoor store aisle or when seen outside.

The Use for Movie Trailers

We’ve already heard about movie trailers starting to be played on outdoor digital signs in other countries.  These new 4K digital signs are being made to do the same thing for either outdoor or indoor use.  Movie theaters might start doing this, or movie studios may pay you to play movie trailers on your own 4K digital sign.  Movie trailers playing on digital signs are a bit overdue here in America, even if the wait was worth it to see them in 4K quality.

Customized Content

With the network connectivity, 4K digital signs can also be quickly customized for certain experiences at the last minute. We’ve already seen other digital signs take on real-time network connectivity within the last year. Regardless, having this available in 4K is something that changes the whole ballgame.

Here at edgefactory, we can help you shape that customized content to whatever business purposes you need.  We’re very interested in 4K technology now that it’s here, and you’re still going to need excellent content to make those images truly come alive.

Contact us so we can show you a portfolio of our past work for many different companies from around the world.  With Emmys to our name, our work will help you usher in 4K digital signage with a compelling ‘edge’ that we put to our name.