Adriel Jimenez


Adriel Jimenez

When Adriel isn’t scanning edgefactory’s kitchen counter for suitable breakfast treats to start his day in a favorable mood, you can find him at his editing suite, hunkered down, diligently working on his latest project. “Acceptable snacks will typically lead me to brewing a mug of coffee and heading to the office to prepare for mini-eDocket,” he says. “Lack thereof will result in me brewing a mug of coffee and questioning the decisions in my life that led me to that moment.”

Originally from Queens, New York, and now a 20-year Central Florida resident, Adriel graduated from the University of Central Florida, with a bachelor’s in film production. As an editor for edgefactory since 2014, Adriel is a welcome addition to the team because of his enthusiasm and creative energy for telling a compelling story through his craft. He says the entire process is punctuated with brief comedically-driven social interactions with his colleagues. And that’s just fine by him. He loves developing comedy sketches in his spare time, so he’s always working on new material.

One of his daily goals: “Finding a good, fulfilling meal that is healthy and at a reasonable price.” He admits that sometimes the ease of accessing a nearby fast food restaurant will get the best of him, and he has to battle the “physical discomfort and emotional shame” brought on by a poor decision.

He describes a recent project: I made updates to our legendary Orlando Visitor Network project,” he says. I believe this project demonstrates the excellence of edgefactory because it required all departments to come together and assemble a full-fledged television network.”

Outside of work, Adriel can be found riding his bike, developing a web series with his roommate and cohort Dan Ballester, or in his own words “organizing Marxist revolutionary forces.”