Brian Cole

President & CEO

Brian Cole

Igniting the spark for the edgefactory team, Brian’s creative vision and passion for communicating a message with energy, emotion, and edge has led to international recognition for edgefactory. Since 2008, the team has won over 60 awards, including their first Emmy.

Brian co-founded edgefactory with a vision for experienced-based, technology-driven multimedia services. Since then, his passion has fueled a lineup of multi-disciplinary resources offered by the Factory: Meeting & Tradeshow Enhancements; Brand Environments & Interactive Technology; Creative Media & Video Production; and Digital Signage & A/V Experiences.

While these creative services are far ranging, they all have one thing in common: they stem from Brian’s creative and technology roots and add edge to the static world of visual communications.

“I don’t think creativity and technological prowess are mutually exclusive. At edgefactory we have been able to blend these two seemingly opposite skill sets into an extremely effective and engaging communication pieces.”

Brian’s perspective and focus have been instrumental in shaping branded experiences throughout his career. Taking on the Creative Director position at Hard Rock Academy, the educational arm of Hard Rock Cafe, International, in 2003, Brian led the creative team on the backlot of Universal Studios and produced and directed content for some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as ABC, Nickelodeon, Peavey, Muzak, and America Online.

As a Production Stage Manager with Disney Event Group as well as special events with Walt Disney Entertainment, Brian’s love of Disney magic inspired him every step of the way. Brian has directed national #1 recording artists such as Joey Fatone of NSYNC to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as well as government officials on a national scale.