Christopher LaNeve

Director of Production & General Manager

As Director of Production & General Manager, Chris is the fuel that keeps this factory moving full steam ahead. And it’s no wonder! He has experience in nearly every aspect of visual and digital media production! Progressive roles from Producer, Creative Services Producer, Writer and Production Supervisor to Creative Producer/Editor all prepared him to tackle the demands of Project Lead and General Manager at edgefactory.

Chris’ very first job in the production world was an internship where he learned all the necessary skills for video production: writing, shooting, editing, and producing. Add to that a little graphic and web design, audio production, recorded voiceovers and studio band recordings and you can see just how strongly Chris’ foundation in production was laid!

Chris has made some targeted career moves that ultimately led him to edgefactory. As a Producer for Bright House Networks, Chris worked in four different departments over 8 years. He learned a lot about local programming and how to quickly adapt to change. From there, it was time to gain some sales experience. As a salesperson, Chris got very comfortable talking to and reading people, which comes in incredibly handy when working with creative minds! Once he’d gained the sales experience that he wanted, Chris moved into a Creative Services Producer position. Here, he had his first real taste of working directly with external clients. This position gave him a chance to experience a little bit of everything: client contact, idea development, script-writing, shooting commercials, post-production, graphic design and animation, voiceovers, and audio production.

It seems that every position Chris has held was preparing him to step into his role at edgefactory where he makes sure all projects are flowing smoothly and that the entire team is getting the guidance and mentoring they need.

With a sense of humor, learned from a collection of sock puppets (you’ll have to ask him about Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Charles In Charge at a later time), and the insight of years of experience, Chris brings a wealth of creative and innovative production experience to the Factory team. He delivers it all and more with the energy, emotion, and edge!

“I love being creative and helping others succeed whether they are clients or my colleagues. Here I can bring my experience and production knowledge to the team to help them improve while we all work to exceed client expectations.”