Digital Signage can be an effective corporate marketing and communications tool, provided it displays high quality content.

Digital Signage can be an effective corporate marketing and communications tool, provided it displays high quality content.

Here at edgefactory, we are excited about InfoComm13, the upcoming AV Technology conference and tradeshow in Orlando, FL, running from June 12-14.  Our exhibit (Booth #5580) will showcase how edgefactory can add excitement, energy, and edge to digital signage content.   Whether it’s social media, email marketing, or advertising, “content” has many varying definitions; but content, and its counterpart – context – is increasingly important, especially in digital signage.

A well-placed and proportioned, beautiful, high-resolution screen will get absolutely no attention if those two important factors – content and context – aren’t on target.  Digital signage content has many definitions, which will change from client to client, venue to venue, and application to application.

As digital signage projects are initially developed, content is often an afterthought.  Low-end, low cost solutions such as a mediocre PowerPoint loops, sequences of images, or an additional cable TV feed, fail maximize the potential of the hardware investment.  Many clients don’t figure the cost of creating, and keeping current, the videos, images and data they want to display on their new screens into the budget.  Subscriptions to dynamic data and custom production of quality videos can be expensive, but often a small investment in quality content can pay off many times over.

Content can be as simple as a logo loop, as complex as a 3D animation, or as involved as customer testimonials and product showcase videos.  Digital signage content can also include “zones” where real-time information – flight status updates, weather, stocks, Twitter feeds, etc – is displayed in a constantly changing flow.

This is where context comes in to play. What works in a suburban theater can be completely different from what is appropriate in a corporate lobby.  It is crucial to understand who the audience is.   The messaging for the corporate lobby might need to be different from the message in the employee break room.  Wayfinding (direction information) signage is popular and relevant in many public areas, as well as public safety information and, of course, advertising.  Many digital signage screens are often referred to as “electronic billboards.” If this is the intended purpose, it’s up to the digital content provider to ensure that it is relevant to audience.

Whatever the purpose, it’s important to designate someone in the organization to maintain and update the information.  Content, like food, begins to get a bit stale when it sits out for a while.

Contact us to find out how we can add edge to your digital signage content!  Make sure to get your FREE InfoComm exhibit floor pass – download the invite here, or register at, and use CODE EDG3227.