5 - Dazzling Meeting Openers That Capture The Attention Of The Audience

The tone of a whole business meeting can be set in the opening phrases that are uttered. Meeting openers contain within them a unique importance that is hard to deny. Without the right kind of opening, meetings quickly become boring affairs in which little is accomplished.

Getting Everyone On The Same Page

It may seem unnecessary, but actually opening a business meeting with introductions is a smart move. Though many of the people attending a meeting may already know each other, it is still important to make sure that those relationships are well known and established. Smallbusiness.chron.com says this about introductions at a business meeting,

It is always a good idea to make introductions at the beginning of a meeting. Though the attendees may know each other, it fortifies the purpose of the meeting to state the business perspective that each person brings to the table.

Ask A Question, Don’t Make A Statement 

Asking questions at a meeting is a lot more powerful than just making a series of comments. As far as meeting openers go, questions provide a lot more value than statements because they get the audience to start thinking. The question should put the audience in a place where they can picture themselves in a scenario. Even something as simple as “where do you see yourself in the next five years?” can be a decent opening.

Holding Attention Throughout 

Having a strong opening is great, but there is more to the meeting than just an opening. The opening ought to be the stepping stone to more information throughout the meeting. When it sets up the stage for the rest of the meeting, the best results can be obtained. Typically this means creating an opening that relates to the rest of what the meeting is going to be about. Following through on what the opening promises to listeners is the key to a successful meeting.

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