Today, with all the pre-made templates and formatting tools for web design, business owners may think they can produce a quality business page on their own.  In fact, they soon discover their branding suffers, page visits diminish, and their shopping carts remain unfilled.

For a polished and professional appearance, you need a professional.  A good graphic design agency has the skill and expertise to integrate the fundamentals of marketing and design and ensure there are no technical glitches that could undermine your credibility.

However, it’s a truly great graphic design agency that draws the digital visitor to explore the site further, by using design tools in an innovative way to create edge.

As always, such endeavors begin with basic rules, starting with the all-important First Page.  Entrepreneur Magazine listed some tips for success in their post, “5 Things That Belong on the Front Page of Your Website.”  Here are a few that stood out to us:

1. Make the images reflect what you and your products are all about; skip the clutter that may only distract from your message.  Use attention-grabbing animation strategically to highlight your message.  Don’t use it unless it can be executed flawlessly.

2. Navigation must be easy, and that means clear instructions at the top or bottom of the First Page.  ‘Buttons’ for navigating should match up to the content of your page to speed visitors along to your offer—and check the site regularly for any broken links.

3. Contact information: A research firm surveyed small businesses and found 75% of the companies did not offer an email address on their homepage and “six out of ten” failed to include their phone number.

At edgefactory, we use graphics, web design, and video to create brands with energy, emotion, and edge!

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