Upscale hotels like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Hotel Indigos are turning to digital signage as a means of disseminating information, up-selling services, and directing guests. Digital signage has been around in various forms for ages, but now it is more accessible, quicker to program, and looks a hell of a lot better!

As the world becomes increasingly technological, people are more easily distracted, with shorter attention spans. Motion graphics and interactive content beckon them to take a closer look and connect with the brand. Hotels that have implemented technology in their hotels are seeing results! Stéphane Morin, Director Sales & Marketing of Hilton Montreal Bonaventure tell Hospitality Technology, “One of the best measures of our installation’s effectiveness has been the reactions of hotel guests. Our lobby personnel report that numerous guests are constantly clustered around and engaged with the two lobby signs, and we’ve also received very positive feedback from the conference sponsors who advertise on them.”

Guests are used to getting alerts with the latest information, so flexibility is an added bonus! Signs can be programmed to display the current weather, time, and date. Information about special offers at the hotel restaurant, bar, or spa can be updated in an instant. Meeting planners will appreciate the ability to post schedule changes, custom messages for VIP guests, or even display pictures from last night’s event in conference areas.
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