Could digital signage content be coming to license plates on cars in the near future? Several years ago, California had an idea to bring in revenue by allowing LED screens on license plates with four-second personalized messages. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger then put a kibosh on the whole plan.

With reports out now that a new company is doing a Kickstarter campaign to bring digital license plates to anyone who wants one, what would be the benefits and legal challenges of doing such a thing?

Wireless Technology Could Be Used to Promote Events

Because digital license plates would use a wireless connection to update messages, updating content can easily be done with a smartphone. As much as many people would use it to simply show personalized messages, it could also be used to promote an event. Space is obviously limited, but there isn’t any better place to promote something than when residing in busy traffic.

Businesses Could Also Use Them for Advertising

As with promoting events, a business could use digital signage animation on the plates to promote who and what they are. We already see conventional advertising for local businesses on buses and other transit in our towns and cities. A business would save money being able to advertise on their own cars, despite having to be more creative to capture attention in a short amount of time.

Communication Between Drivers

This technology is promising that because digital license plates use a wireless connection, drivers could communicate with one another. That thought extends to sending drivers messages about how they’re driving or an unnoticed problem with their car. But it could also be used to gauge immediate reaction to advertising for a business. Outside of advertising being limited to mere seconds, a memorable graphic or message could pique interest when driving in a busy metropolis.

The Legal Hurdles May Not Be Challenging

Digital signage on license plates might have to face some legal issues in many states before it becomes a full reality. Regardless, with certain provisions on how long the messages stay up, it’s possible many states will warm to allowing these as waves of the future and as a favor to local business. With digital signage now being proven to garner more attention in a subtle way than conventional signs, it may be the next big thing.

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