You may have noticed a change lately in many of the billboards that line the road.  Static advertisements are being replaced by flashy motion graphics, right and left.  However, digital signage is so much more than a way to get your name in front of people driving by.  It is an effective way of communicating in a variety of settings: offices, churches, schools, libraries, malls – anywhere information needs to be shared with an audience. Here are three great ideas for utilizing digital signage to enhance your corporate communication.

Welcome Customers
No matter the type of business, customers are going to visit the office on occasion.  Personalizing their experience demonstrates excellent customer service.  A screen in the lobby can display the visitor’s name and logo, showing how important they are to the company and setting a positive tone for a meeting.  Retail stores can take advantage of this too, by using information gathered through loyalty cards and email distribution lists to wish customers a ‘happy birthday’ or thank them by name at check out.  People love to see their name in lights!

Share Information
It’s important to share information with customers in an eye-catching way, and digital signage does this beautifully.  It attracts attention and is easily changed.  Restaurants can feature information about daily specials and promotions, with enticing images of each dish.  Clothing stores can display video of models wearing this season’s latest fashions. Electronics outlets can show new products or present tips for using their technology.  As a bonus, rotating the information on the digital sign can provide a welcome distraction for customers waiting in line.

Digital Signage can also be used internally.  Keeping everyone up to date in a large organization can be difficult.  Digital signage can be placed strategically throughout the office (at elevator banks, in the cafeteria, in break rooms, etc.)  At the Factory, we use our digital signs to announce upcoming events, client visits, important meetings, and even the current weather.  We love being able to change information in an instant.

Engage Customers
With the advent of social media, customers are looking to interact with their favorite brands more than ever.  Digital signage can be programmed to display customer posts on Instagram and Twitter in real time.  The use of touch screens can take customer interaction to the next level, letting them choose the content they want to see and sending information right to their mobile device!

For more ideas to add edge to your business, contact us today!