LG ELECTRONICS USA TOUCH-SCEENThe one part of digital signage that’s waited until now to evolve is touch-screen capability. And perhaps there’s been reluctance at first due to the fears of sharing a screen other people have touched, especially during flu season. Regardless of what you think of that, touch-screen digital signs are about to become a reality in locations around the country. Take a look at this technology and the company that’s helping to move things along so it becomes a mainstream tool.

Large-Screen Touch Format

TouchSystems in Texas has already released big-screen touch screen digital signs that are as large as 55 inches. What makes these interesting is they’re designed in a very basic way to make them affordable and easy to use for the novice. They’re perfect for nearly any type of business, even though consumers might not readily notice they’re a touch screen unless specifically told.

Things have evolved enough now where infrared tech has been integrated into digital signage to make the touch system easier to use. It’s part of two different touch screen technologies enabling easy navigation for those not used to using these screens.

Touch Screen Technology

The infrared technology is called PulseIR and allows multiple touch points on a screen to bring more interactivity. However, there’s also a more basic touch system called Dispersive Signal Technology that allows just one click point as if using a mouse. Whichever technology your business uses would depend on how much interactivity you want with your signs. If you’ve never had digital signage in your business before, you might want to be as basic as you can to prevent anyone from getting confused.

Being energy efficient might also be on your mind considering how long these touch screen digital signs operate. The screens have temperature sensors that keep the screen from becoming overheated while on during the day. They also use LED backlighting to add to the energy savings.

Uses in the Future

When you need to upload or correct information, these screens have easy ports to take care of these issues. Slow changes to wireless technology are starting for instant uploading without physically plugging something in. Eventually, though, you’re going to be seeing touch screen digital signs everywhere, including in the drive-thru line at your local fast food restaurant.

Don’t be surprised to also see touch screens in some of your local retail stores by the beginning of the year. Best of all, it’s going to create opportunities to customize certain purchases as in before buying a car or even a type of clothing you want. While some people think that cuts into actual usage of employees, those employees still need to be there to help you through the process.

Here at edgefactory, we’re very interested in touch screen digital signage and consistently strive to provide the latest in digital sign technology.

Contact us and we’ll work closely with you to design digital signage for your business or event as a standout of innovation. Consumers are still being wowed by what digital signage can do, and we’ll be there to keep it that way.