DigitalSignage_Figure1BDigital signage is constantly evolving with the possibilities for marketing continuing to be brainstormed and implemented by companies. The latest on that front is in the recent statistic that many companies are starting to move away from TV marketing and focusing on digital signage in stores and kiosks. It’s continual proof on how digital signage continues to attract attention of consumers right in the store to a point of converting to sales.

But how will that work in the future when the TV ad has been burned into the minds of so many consumers?


Digital Signage as the New TV Ad

One of the appeals of digital signage is that a company can still do a standard ad spot without having to make it overly short as what’s necessary online. With so many expecting fast and punchy videos online through Vine and Instagram, some companies might balk at doing a six-second spot in those formats.

Digital signs can play on a loop and provide a slightly longer video that will still attract viewers. That’s because shoppers in a brick and mortar store are usually taking more time to make up their minds about what they want to buy. The mind works much differently when we’re shopping the old fashioned way, and a compelling digital ad can help a customer make a decision much faster.

What formats will these digital sign ads come in, though? Based on the above statistics, they may also be in much larger formats. And they may consolidate with TV in the long run.

The Large Format and Retail Store Digital Sign

In the earlier Digital Signage Today report, it’s said that 34 percent of all corporate markets plan to use large format digital signs in the near future. That might mean seeing more corporate ads on local digital billboards while you’re out driving. Or it can mean large digital signs on downtown street corners so the prospective consumer can also hear the sound as well as see the visuals.

Conversely, the retail store digital sign will potentially be the most useful based on how it can play right next to the product being sold. Because most consumers want something right away after being convinced of its usefulness, having that digital sign in close proximity to the actual product could be the greatest thing to happen to corporate marketing.

However, because some digital signs are starting to be controlled through cloud networks, those marketing campaigns can suddenly become more consolidated. Digital signs may ultimately end up coalescing with TV and the web so companies can send marketing messages concurrently.

While tweaking those ads in real time can’t always be done on the web or TV, a cloud-based digital sign can become a different story. Once analytics are brought in, digital sign marketing may become a real-time endeavor that can be tweaked instantaneously based on customer response.

Yes, it’s an exciting time for digital marketing and the digital signage industry. It’s time you join the digital signage revolution and work with a superior company in bringing it to you. Look no further than edgefactory.

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