Digital signage is growing in the restaurant industry, and evidence of that was seen recently at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Restaurant owners who use digital signage were reporting increased customers who either now expect it or find a wow factor in how it was used. But how can it be continually utilized in a restaurant so that it compels customers to visit again?

Digital Menus

The above report from the National Restaurant Association show says that digital menus in restaurants will likely be ubiquitous within four or five years. And it’s easy to imagine a day when all customers order their meals on a digital touch-screen menu at their tables. With physical menus sometimes being cumbersome at indoor restaurants, ordering digitally provides a chance for visitors to obtain more details on their order. The technology also has the potential to have food delivered quicker or more accurately.

Digital Sign Outside the Restaurant

A digital sign outside any business is proven to attract attention, particularly when providing graphical or interactive information about what the business offers. Imagine one restaurant using a digital sign to detail information about what’s on their menu next door to a restaurant that still uses standard signage. That other restaurant won’t waste any time wanting to do the same thing.

With the National Restaurant Association Show reporting bettter affordability being a factor in the increase use of digital signage in restaurants, every restaurant may eventually be on the same competitive field.

Digital Menus in Drive-Thrus

The NRAS also says the next digital signage trend is using the technology in drive-thru menus. Other than small digital drive-thru screens that textually display your order and price at places like McDonald’s and Burger King, the time is coming when an interactive digital menu will entice people to buy foods that may not look appealing in a still picture. That may involve the display of people consuming and enjoying the food to entice customers to buy.

At edgefactory, we know how to apply this technology so it can potentially make your customer base hungrier. Contact us to see what we can do in providing digital signage for your restaurant