8 - Will Digital Video Content Merge with Regular HDTV's in the Marketplace.


When we think of digital video content today, we still think of it as being broadcast up on a giant digital screen outdoors in a busy metropolis or inside a retail store. It seems that while the video content available is becoming more entertaining, many stores want to get bigger and bigger on screen sizes. We’ve noted here before about how many digital signs are covering entire wall spaces lately (and even much larger) in order to capture the most attention.

But at the same time, a lot of stores are wanting to save money. Many of those larger screens cost a considerable amount. Some places are looking into hybridizing as a solution like in digital computer monitors taking the place of digital signage.

Now a new software is being released that allows you to place digital video content on an HDTV. This is becoming available through a company called ScreenScape that allows the digital video content to be broadcast on an existing HDTV through a software that plugs into the HDMI port. This content can be managed through Wi-Fi Internet, so management is extremely easy.

How will this affect digital signs in the future? Will we see more companies consolidate digital signage content onto HDTV’s they already have in their buildings?

Using Existing HDTV’s

The recent idea of using computer monitors in place of digital signage doesn’t seem quite as practical considering the time it takes to set up computers on location. ScreenScape’s intention is to allow their software to operate with existing HDTV’s in company lobbies or other departments. Anyone who spends time in waiting rooms or visits lobbies of different businesses knows that HDTV monitors are already ubiquitous and sometimes broadcast live cable content to keep people occupied.

By taking those over with customized video content, it can capture customers with promotional content without ever having to invest in a digital sign. For many businesses, that’s going to be very attractive since cost of digital signs has usually been a factor in why they’ve avoided digital video content so far.

While some people have trepidation about the cloud, all of ScreenScape’s content is placed in the cloud for easy retrieval in the event of emergencies. This ease of use and easy method for updating is probably going to increase digital video content in more small-town stores and smaller businesses nationwide.

Even if businesses use existing HDTV’s to air that content, what they show has to be compelling. You still need a media company that knows how to put something together so it captures everyone’s attention rather than annoy them. We want to do that for you here at Edgefactory .

With Emmys to our name in creating video content for companies around the world, we’ll create something that captures people immediately for events or right in your business lobby. We can see how video content presentation is starting to evolve. Using video content that convincingly tells everyone who you are and what you stand for through state-of-the-art imagery helps push the art of video content forward.

Contact us so we can start working closely with you on planning out your digital content video strategy.