12 -- Digital Video Content That Can Respond to Gestures -  Is it the Beginning of Intelligent Digital Signs

Video content that’s interactive on digital signage is becoming much more important now for many companies using digital sign technology. That’s because it’s not always enough to just show information. Now people want to interact with a digital screen to find information under their own volition, usually because they have questions basic FAQ’s can’t always answer.

With the hope that digital signs can eventually become like artificial intelligence, it’s now one step closer thanks to a company bringing a new technology. Omron is a company providing a new camera that can be integrated into digital signage using image recognition technology to see what a person’s gender is and the gestures they make. In fact, human gestures will the key element of this technology that may change the whole ballgame in how interactive digital signage content works.

But will it really work accurately, or will it make assumptions about people when not everyone is going to be exactly alike?

Digital Content Thinking as Fast as a Brain

The strong suit about Omron’s new technology is it’s being made to respond quicker to what it reads on the camera. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, response rates are going to be at amazing rates soon when people interact. And the idea of being able to tailor information based on someone’s gender or what gestures they make can potentially be an outstanding marketing tool. What isn’t known are the variables on how it can pick up quirky things people do that aren’t part of what’s usual.

Some people, for instance, might gesture a certain way when they’re thinking something different from what others do. Regardless, the company says that they can base content on five different expressions people typically make. The cameras are also able to see from a considerable distance so face recognition will be easier.

We’ll have to see how successful this becomes in the coming year as a step forward in a possible artificial intelligence evolution for digital signage content. When it can become that personal, marketing potentials become infinite for companies who want their customers to gain personalized information when they really want it.

It’s something we’re keeping our eyes on here at edgefactory. We’re an innovative leader in creating video content for digital signage to use in any company or event. Contact us so we can create compelling content for you and to implement the latest technologies available to make your videos attract every eye.