The industry for digital signage solutions solutions can be an exciting one. It plays largely with the hot technology of today and weaves itself into the marvelous multimedia world of movies, television, video games, and all kinds of other imaginative and fun creations that can give us all a break from the routine and our every day task-managing existence. Therefore, it is important for anyone involved in the industry to stay current on what is trending in the right direction. Listed below are three key items to keep aware of now that 2013  has come to a close:


  • Ultra HD – And you thought HD 1080p was as good as it was going to get?! Shame on you and your complacent ways. Whereas, we may be a long way off from replacing our current 1080p HD television sets due to the networks needing to first agree to adopt Ultra HD technology, it appears that no such roadblocks really exist for the digital signage industry. Cost is still a major obstacle, but that’s the case for nearly every new technology.
  • Gestures – Wave, swipe, jump, kneel, heisman, jazz hands, or whatever else you want to do to interact with your screen. Gesturing technology is nothing new, but it does appear that it’s becoming a little more widely accepted. The reason probably being that it does have an actual purpose or two. If you’ve ever looked at an interactive display and figured I would love to try that to see what it’s all about, but I don’t really want to touch that screen and collect the 10 million germs that probably come along with it; then this technology eliminates that problem.
  • Micro – Not exactly micro, but the industry does seem to be trending into a downsizing direction as far as physical product is concerned. This is perhaps the most obvious trend currently taking place in fact. Tablet-based kiosks are appearing everywhere, and why not? People quickly adopted and loved their iPads and other tablets. It’s very intuitive and the perfect size to be portable. In the digital signage industry, it provides viewers with a familiar interface without taking up a lot of space. It’s a win-win as good as it gets.

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