Eric Shepherd

Senior Field Engineer


edgefactory calls Eric the “one man army” for good reason. His huge skillset is applied to not only getting the job done, but executing the specific needs of the client to a tee. Director of photography, camera operator, lighting technician, audio editor, IT engineer — you name it — Eric’s done it all. But where he really shines is completing interview captures and convention video documentation, bringing a unique flare to each and every project.

Based in Dalton, Massachusetts, Eric has worked for edgefactory since 2007 and continues to impress us with his exceptionally creative eye for lighting and video. Nicknamed “The Human Wiki” by his colleagues for his vast knowledge of just about everything, he’s the epitome of a team player.

Prior to joining edgefactory, Eric was the technical director for MicheLee Puppets, a non-profit that uses puppetry to teach topics that are critical to the growth and development of young people. He was also the technical director for the Florida Aviation Network, a video production organization that promotes aviation safety.

When he’s not working at edgefactory, he enjoys volunteering time in his local community for Grow Dalton, which hosts events to attract more visitors and business to his town.