Digital-Signage-Content-SolutionsThe frustration of attending an event offering a multitude of venues spread over a large area is not made any easier if the only signage available are static displays. Event digital signage using map renderings and point-to-point graphics, for example, is ideal if event planners are looking for ways to enhance the overall experience for the event goer. What’s more, planners can ensure that all the corporate colors, graphics, and branding are consistently being used throughout; even the use of 3D maps and intuitive controls add further richness to the experience. More importantly, digital signage can be made even more interactive through the use of mobile devices—smartphones and tablets. The advent of mobile way-finding also brings with it the challenges of providing orientation across many platforms without any deterioration in the corporate graphics and brand imaging. Overall, the use of digital way-finding signage can offer much more than pathways and orienteering. Users learn about exhibits from interacting with choices provided on their mobile displays, or event kiosks located on site. Creativity doesn’t stop with web design, or that corporate video introducing a new product or service. Using the creative team at the edgefactory can bring together all of the elements that help add value for event goers.

Contact us and discover how our full-service, brand-production agency can bring this innovative technology to your next event as a way to heighten the attendees experience. Award-winning and Emmy-nominated, our professional team is passionate about developing the right graphics and content for your next video or event digital signage.