Image1Kathryn Porter celebrated her 4th year with edgefactory by sharing her knowledge and advice with Middle School students at the Central Florida Leadership Academy on Thursday, February 27th.  Kathryn works as a Producer and Senior Editor for edgefactory, a full service brand production company that specializes in video content and creative design.

Ms. Porter began as a production assistant and editor at the edgefactory and has quickly become an integral part of the operation.  Kathryn is a Florida native, who calls Orlando home.  She is a graduate of Auburndale Senior High School, where she found her interest in video editing by participating in the school’s news program: The Blue and Gold Network.  She furthered her abilities and expertise by attending University of Central Florida where she received a full-ride scholarship majoring in Radio Television Production, with a minor in Cinema Studies; there, she graduated on the Dean’s List in 2005.

The visit was a part of an initiative launched by Mayor Buddy Dyer in 2011 called ORLANDO CARES, which connects Orlando residents to volunteer efforts that target local challenges with a clear focus on impact.  This process engages hundreds of community stakeholders and service experts from the public and private sectors.

Kathryn shared her history in editing and video production to the enthusiastic students.  The importance of combining Creativity, Innovation and Technology was a very current priority for her having just completed editing on video content for the Orlando Public Library’s new center located on the 2nd floor of the landmark building.  The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Creativity, Innovation and Technology was opened to the public on the 8th of February and features an Avatar fueled by footage created at Ms. Porter’s workplace.  A number of videos were created that chronicle the woman for whom the Center was named.  Those interested in learning more about the exciting project can link to:

The Orange County Library System’s efforts brought technology professionals together to advise and assist in the opening of this exciting new learning center.  Digital production has become a new language and its importance has never been more vital.  Educational programs across the country are seeing young people concentrating on the field in greater numbers than ever before!

The students were engaged in the discussion and asked a lot of questions.  Their interest in the subject reflects the concentration that is happening worldwide.  Visual communication transcends language barriers, providing human beings a way to tell stories to one another without “words”.  And if “a picture speaks a thousand words”, then a three minute video clip speaks volumes.  This ability to communicate, influence and entertain explains the passion for the medium and its power.

Kathryn’s abilities in this vital format has seen a wide variety of companies improving their messaging through her expertise.  Her time with the company has seen her editing footage throughout the United States, Germany, and Spain.

Central Florida Leadership Academy has a mission that believes that each student is gifted with a unique potential that defines his or her destiny.  Ms. Porter’s participation in the program was a clear match between a volunteer and an organization.  The students were impressed that Kathryn had succeeded in the pursuit of her dreams so quickly.  “edgefactory is my first job out of school, and has given me the opportunity to hone my skills, develop new ones, and make a difference to a company that has become a home and a second family.”