Visual marketing can get really complicated. For all of you who don’t have a degree in marketing or PR we are going to simplify things here. Do you ever wonder how important the right visual content truly is? How much of an impact it can have on your business? Let’s find out.

All of your visual content comes together to tell the story of your business. It should answer questions including “What is your business all about?” and “How will it benefit me (the consumer)”. Your website, digital signage, and promotional videos should all convey the same message. You should also harness brand power.

Today’s importance on visuals makes brand power more important than ever before. McDonald’s is a company who harnessed their “brand” early on with their famous golden arches. You should have a brand visual that appears on all of your content.

You should also take emotion into consideration. Different pictures and even colors can have a profound impact on consumers. You want to use visuals and colors that convey the message you would like to get across. If the aim of your product or service is to make someone’s life easier, consider blue colors and nature visuals. These convey a feeling of relaxation. If your goal is to generate excitement, use red and a visual of someone doing something exciting. You want people to associate your brand with a specific feeling, because that is what they will remember.Image1