gty_instagram_video_nt_130624_wgInstagram is one of the top-grossing apps of all time, a large feat for the digital age. With the launch of Instagram video, businesses will now be able to reach out to customers and promote brand development. By connecting with customers, Instagram video can help brands become more well-known and reach a wider consumer base in a variety of ways.

The most beneficial aspect of Instagram video is that it can be cut into different scenes, allowing one video to feature multiple different shots. These shots can be used to highlight different products or features that the company would like to promote. The app also has a stabilization option, which allows amateur videos to become more professional looking easily and instantly.

These two features help enhance the quality of Instagram videos and make it possible to capture video through video, a task that is not always easy. With this being a viable option, film and digital sinage can be shot with Instagram video and uploaded to the companys instagram and facebook in an instant. This can give viewers a sample or sneak-peak of the larger video being shown. This technique can be used to help promote current or upcoming events. Once people get an idea of what the event is going to be like through a one-on-one interaction with a video, they are much more likely to get involved.

Instagram hashtags are also important for Instagram videos, as brands can help develop their own ethos by choosing to use original hashtags with their brand name in them. If a #companynamehere hashtag is used along with each video, users can easily search and access videos. Because these videos can also be uploaded to Facebook, tagging and hashtagging the company can highlight the page and encourage more likes.

Connecting with consumers has never been this easy. With the launch of Instagram video, brands will find it much easier to show off their services and products through their instagram page. edgefactory is passionate about multimedia production, so contact us to become part of the conversation and jump start your brand development.