Interactive video content is certainly the wave of the future in digital signage, even though it’s already in use some places. While how it’s used is still evolving, there might be some who are too intimidated to use a touchscreen, or perhaps just having germophobia on touching screens. In other cases, using interactivity through smartphones might be considered either a solution to touchscreens or just too complicated to work well.

While we don’t know the opinion of the masses on interactive digital signage yet, the quality of the images on the interactive screen are going to play a big part in keeping people interested. And, not surprisingly, Japan is taking things a step further in that department. They’re now showcasing what an interactive digital screen might look like here in America within the next couple of years.

They did this through what they call a “digital art installation” that was displayed in a Gucci store in Tokyo recently. This innovative new interactive display showed an “Infinity of Flowers” that showed the mass blossoming and dying out of flowers in real time. Real time, in this case, was over a few hours rather than months.

What makes this significant is the ability to do more realistic interactions with graphics. In the above flower experiment, people were able to interact more compellingly by touching the screen and allowing the flowers to dance around the screen.

Similar technology has been around a while through the ability to project images on floors and walls that react intelligently to human movement. However, with this technology, interactivity is directly on a screen and could easily be integrated with information superimposed with images. Having a similar screen to the one demonstrated in Tokyo could add real luster to someone using digital signage to find information.

Obviously, interactive graphics on digital screens at that level will be expensive for a while once arriving here. But having graphics that react intelligently to someone’s hand movements could be the real future of what we’ll see in retail stores before the end of the decade. It could be the next wow factor that adds more zest to video displays and complements quality content.

The quality of that content is always going to matter, though, no matter how many special effects are used. Yet, we can provide both for you here at edgefactory.

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