BBVAJohnRyanDigital signage content is everything when it comes to how digital signs are used for promotional purposes. But it might surprise you to learn that not every business that has digital signage gears up the content so it’s overly relevant to customers. One of those particular places is in American banks where interesting local content doesn’t get produced enough for their digital signs.

Why does something like that happen when the intent is to bring fresh and locally relevant digital signage content to customers?


Lack of Time to Create Original Content

According to the above report, banks don’t bother to invest in the proper tools that enable good content. The thought may be that because they have to create content on their own, there’s little time to do such things. As with all content creation, it’s ultimately a matter of perception in how effective content can be. Banks simply haven’t received enough information about what’s truly available to create localized content that’s informative without requiring extra work on their end.

What Kind of Techniques Allow Effective Localized Content?

One of the most useful ways to create local content is to do it through national feeds that cater to local branches. In a franchise, that could mean sending feeds that display information about a local store with pictures of the staff and other relevant information. Going that route shows a personal local touch without having to find time to produce something new every week.

You can also go more generic than that by merely showing local news feeds with an ad for your business. Even so, this might be overly basic and not really connect your local audience as much as creating some original content would do. What are the best options for that once time is found to produce local information your customers want to see?

Customizing Content Based on Neighborhood and Language

Interactive digital signs are soon upon us, and having digital signs that provide local content based on one’s language and where they live can bring sales up considerably. Just like with bilingual employees, making your localized content configurable to different languages will make your digital signage much more communicable. And when you provide information based on what neighborhood customers come from, you have a good mix of interactivity rather than a digital sign that’s watched passively.

These are things to think about when considering digital local content, depending on your budget and time. When it comes to digital signage, internationally renowned edgefactory has you covered in all the latest technology and techniques for displaying your local messages. Contact us to show you how cutting edge we’ve become in providing the digital tools necessary to make your business, event or brand stand out from everyone else.