Lisa Bergqvist


Lisa Bergqvist

edgefactory has always attracted dynamic personalities with a yearning for adventure and solving problems to its prized team of event producers. Growing up in her parent’s drag racing shop, she moved to the states from Sweden at a young age, and learned about business, being customer service-driven, and working in a fast-paced environment.

As a University of Central Florida graduate with a Bachelors degree, Lisa soon discovered her passion for producing when she volunteered her time at the Adult Literacy League as a member at their event management committee and continued volunteering her time to their special events for 10 years. Today, she is producing shows all over the world and working with industry leading companies and clients.

Lisa will work a show from start to finish like the pro she is. “I’ll do all of the pre-production, onsite management, and then close the show out,” she says. “Producers really have to wear every hat and often there is more than one show at a time in the pipeline.” She is super proud to work with the talented team of creatives at edgefactory and deliver quality shows, especially when they bring her food….like sandwiches and such because Producers don’t often get the luxury of lunch, or dinner for that matter.

As a producer for the edgefactory for the last two years, Lisa loves to travel and discovering the world and that’s why she says “this is the perfect job for me!” Traveling is her passion, and she gets antsy when she’s home for too long.