3 - Should You Have a Live Sports Event as Video Content on Your Digital Signage.

Video content for digital signage continues to become more sophisticated in what can be done in live-action and graphical presentations. But what about live feeds of sport events on public digital signs for the sake of gathering crowds? Perhaps you’ve been to a public place with an overly large digital screen and saw a live game underway from somewhere in the world.

Earlier this summer, it might have been a live feed of the World Cup as a way to attract more people. While watching, you may have noticed the company where the digital sign was located placing a marketing message below the screen or during breaks in the action.

Is this mix of providing graphic or video marketing with a live sports event the new trend in how digital signs now work?  Should
You can see some evidence of this in Denver, Colorado recently where a bank of 21 digital video screens owned by First Bank will broadcast the U.S. Pro Challenge (a bike race) that takes place in Colorado this summer.

Normally, these popular digital screens in Denver were known for broadcasting more targeted information like weather, news, and RSS feeds for other live events. But now it’s the first time a major sports event will be used in a way that garners more attention toward FirstBank and the media company providing it, Mood Media.

What makes this most interesting is that the media device broadcasting the event was originally intended for retail marketing. It shows the power of live sports events starting to merge with other marketing, and one has to wonder how common it’s going to become on other American digital screens.

Will You See Live Sports Events on Retail Store Screens?

It’s certainly possible that as certain sports events enter the public consciousness, you’ll see a live game feed on a digital screen you didn’t expect. Below the screen may be graphics promoting the company where the digital signage is located and perhaps any products they carry. In fact, it could be set up to slip in periodic marketing ads during breaks in the game’s live feed.

Some sports bars already do this where live games are beamed all the time. Sponsors of the screen will frequently advertise on them during breaks in order to remind who provided the content. How it integrates in other places, though, will be interesting to see. As some sports events continue to be the most watched media of late as a perfect diversion from world events, your own marketing content with it could make a real impact.

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