9 - How Much Will Live Video Play in Interactive Video Content on Digital Signage

Interactive video content on digital screens is still an evolving concept, even though you’re seeing much more of it now on screens large and small. On the larger screens, some of that interactivity can be controlled through a customer’s smartphone. While that’s still experimental, the smaller screens work much better with the public being able to use a touchscreen system to access information they want or need.

But what’s the true future of interactive video content on digital screens? Reports are that it’s going to go in more interesting directions in the near future. While it may go into different interactive territory like more customer-controlled content, this may also entail live video in order to interact with someone for additional information.

This idea was discussed in a recent report about interactive digital screens on AVNetwork.com. They referenced Amazon’s recent Mayday service where people can connect with customer service reps via live video in order to get important questions answered not answerable through any other method. When it comes to interactivity on digital screens, a customer is always going to have questions come up that might not be solved through the content you already display.

It’s why the idea of live video as a gateway to other relevant video content might be the new path forward in bringing better interactivity. How could you integrate live video into your digital signage displays so you could help customers visiting your company for the first time?

Getting Questions Answered

Having a live video representative to answer questions on a digital sign could be the new answer to helping people find their way around. When it comes to wayfinding on digital signs, it may not always provide everything a customer wants. Most importantly, when you have a customer wanting to find out more about your products or where they can find them, someone in a hurry may prefer talking to someone rather than looking at a digital map.

While some might think just hiring customer service reps would do the same, that isn’t necessarily true. Having a rep on a video screen gives visitors access to information a customer rep standing nearby wouldn’t be able to find instantaneously. It also saves money not hiring someone to work long hours in your building to stand and answer questions. A live video rep can easily be hired to work from a remote location.

At the same time, you still want the interactive content surrounding any live video capability to be compelling and easy to understand. This way, most people can enjoy the graphical content and even pre-taped video to help them gain answers to the most essential information.

We can help you create that and all video content here at edgefactory. Contact us so we can show you our past portfolio of work for companies around the world. As interactive content evolves, we’ll be there to learn about it and integrate it into our comprehensive production skills. Even if live video becomes only a sideline part of interactive content, we can help make it work well to complement the content you already have.