Think of the following brands: Nike, Apple, Mercedes Benz. Chances are, as you read each name, the brand logo popped into your head. A great logo can do wonders for a company. It can be used as the basis for your brand development. It creates brand recognition with consumers and tells them a little bit about the company. A good graphic design agency will create a consistent look for your logo, web site, promotional videos, and even business cards and letter heads. Here are some things to look for in good graphic design.

Keep It Clean

The latest trend in graphic design is clean lines. Simplicity creates a focal point for the design. However, simplicity does not have to be boring. Bright, eye-catching colors have also become quite popular. Choose neon colors for a fun, playful vibe or primary colors for a more classic look. Just make sure your design fits the brand image you want to portray.

Build A Brand Identity 

Brand recognition is all about consistency. Once you’ve chosen a look for your logo, stick to it! It may be helpful to create a style guide for your brand that contains your chosen font, Pantone colors (plus CMYK and web equivalents), and graphics. This will ensure all marketing materials are cohesive, creating a clear identity that people associate your brand.

Launch Your Web Presence

Creating business cards that align with your style guide is just the beginning. To receive the full benefit of your new brand identity, launch your presence on the web. A custom designed website for your company provides a way for potential customers to discover you through search engines. Social Media has become a great marketing tool, as well. Incorporating social media buttons in your layout and email signature not only encourages current clients to like your profile, it fosters word of mouth as their likes show up in their friends’ new feeds.

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