Networking has become something which has an almost out-sized importance at this point. There are opportunities to network everywhere, and in business this is the way in which one can make the moves that they need to become a big player. Some meeting openers to use can help make the networking process a little smoother.

Food And Networking Go Hand In Hand

There is something about food that serves as a social lubricant for us all. Many of the greatest decisions and choices are made when surrounded by food. Food is typically present at most networking events for this purpose. makes a great point when it comes to using food as a networking mechanism,

Hey, a networker’s gotta eat, right? And if half of the room is as starving as you are after a long day at the office, the action is likely happening over by the food, says Barbara Safani of Career Solvers and the author of “Happy About My Job Search.”

Flattery Is A Useful Tool

Flattery does work regardless of what some people may say about it. All that you have to do is make sure that your forms of flattery are genuine and not simply thinly veiled attempts to make personal gains for yourself. If the person you are speaking to has written something that you like or done something that you like, make sure that you mention this. It is a great conversation icebreaker and puts you on the right foot with people.

Ask About Them In General

Yes, you should be asking people about them more than telling them about yourself. Ask them if they are from the local area, what they enjoy about their work, and what kind of projects they are working on. These may sound like things that you should tell about yourself, but in reality you need to ensure that you are getting this information from others in order to form networking connections.

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