Let’s face a reality here, most meeting videos are going to be rather bland. It is up to the people setting up a meeting video to try to spice it up enough to make it enjoyable for the audience.  Even enjoyable might be a bar too high for a lot meeting videos, but creating something that has information that can be absorbed is important.

Keep Things To The Point

Being long winded is not an advantage when delivering a presentation at a meeting. As a matter of fact, most people are turned off by this kind of presentation. What they really want are short points made that help them remain engaged and follow along.  Pgi.com finds this point so vital that they lay out these rules for presentations,

No eye charts allowed. Use high-level, compelling “hooks”—like statistics, quotes or keywords—to keep your presentation on track and your audience engaged.

Go For The Senses

Human beings absorb information through their five senses. This is where we are most able to maintain memories and learn new things. As such, going after those five senses is the best way to make a video work. Visual cues are pretty easy to incorporate, but sounds and even feelings should be brought in wherever possible.

Break Up The Video Into Sections

For videos that are of a longer time frame, it is helpful to include short breaks. Though the breaks should not be too long so as to cause viewers to lose focus, a well-placed break can help with the absorption of material and the morale of an audience.

The three tips can help you keep your videos from becoming something that viewers dread. Make sure to contact us for more information on how to make videos as interesting as possible.