Raul Garcia

Co-Founder / Senior Advisor

As one of the original founders of edgefactory, Raul brings an incomparable level of experience, insight, and vision to the team.
Raul’s first career was with Verizon where he began in their Engineering division, later moving into Human Resources. He finally concluded his 35 years with that company as a Regional Manager for Government Affairs, eventually teaming up with Brian Cole as co-founder of edgefactory in 1999. By bringing his experience in interpreting, developing and implementing creative ideas, Raul lends a distinctive edge to the Factory’s inner workings.
As one of the four partners/owners of edgefactory, Raul works closely as a senior adviser with the edgefactory executives and management teams in developing progressive strategies and evaluating ongoing practices. His leadership and guidance have proven to be an invaluable asset to the continued growth of the edgefactory brand.

Outside of edgefactory, Raul has a long history of addressing youth and juvenile justice issues through both activism and established government involvement. As a long-time ally of the late Governor Ann Richards, he served as her Chair of the Texas State Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. She also appointed him as a Commissioner for the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission. His tireless service in civic boards and commissions brought Raul recognition as Citizen of the Year from his home town. In addition he has received commissions from local Mayors, State Governors, and United States Presidents. One of Raul’s proudest endeavors is his involvement in the formation of Andrea’s Legacy. A non-profit organization formed in the name of a family member and educator who died of cancer at a young age, Andrea’s Legacy recognizes and encourages teachers and youth mentors with yearly financial awards.
Raul’s corporate experience, creative vision, sound guidance, and huge heart are all a part of the formula of energy, emotion, and edge that keep the gears of our factory running smoothly.