What is it about videos that have made them such a popular form of corporate communication recently? The answer to this question lies in a simple truth: video allows you to show your products and visions, not just talk about them.  Corporate video production can capture the attention and imagination of potential customers. Images and sound communicate the essence of your brand and the value of your products or services better than text or still images ever could.

The popular video hosting site, YouTube is the second highest rank search engine in the world. This alone should show you the power that video can have on people.  Just think about your personal experiences and how video has transformed the way that you gather up information.

The trend towards corporate videos is something that many successful, innovative companies are recognizing.  Nwoinnovation.ca says, “To capitalize and demonstrate the importance of this trend, Google launched a new service that links two of its core products together integrating YouTube with AdWords”

If you are looking to really make an impact with your corporate video productions, consider breaking convention with humor and creativity to increase the chances of your video going “viral”.  A viral video is one that is picked up and shared by the Internet community. It is a video that is viewed by enormous numbers of people and gains popularity organically, through word of mouth.  edgefactory works with companies to create videos that break the mold and attract attention.

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