Roger Docking


Award-winning writer, producer, director, and editor Roger Docking arrived at edgefactory in October, 2016, with 18 years of production, marketing, and creative development experience. As Producer, he guides projects from concept to completion, combines the technical with the artistic, and creates effective, compelling video content. He’s originally from Sarasota, FL, but has lived in cities across the U.S., landing in Central Florida in 1992.

Roger recently leveraged his production expertise for Thermo Fisher Scientific, showcasing the incredible teamwork and products designed and manufactured at their facility in Vantaa, Finland.

“The project took me across the globe, connected me with a fantastic production team from the U.K., and gave me the opportunity to tell the story of an incredibly talented and dedicated group of people. The resulting video was a compelling, motivating narrative celebrating their pride and accomplishments,” he says.

Roger has provided creative development and production services for high-profile clients such as PepsiCo, J.P. Morgan-Chase, and Nerium International through his own company, The Docking Group. At edgefactory, he brings sophisticated sensibility to the Thermo Fisher Scientific account.

Roger’s work for edgefactory has a global impact, but he is also known locally as a leader on the marketing and promotion team that propelled and maintained WFTV Channel 9’s dominance in the Central Florida market for more than a decade. He then brought formidable skills and expertise to 927 Creative, creating winning messages and advertising content for some of Florida’s most recognizable brands.

Roger’s creativity defies boundaries. He is an accomplished musician, giving occasional live performances. Composer, songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist–his outlets for expression know no limits.

His four children Rune, Mason, Mya, and Maisy enjoy his complete dedication. A kid at heart, he can’t help but slip in the occasional corny dad joke.