Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about “second screen” technology at the Factory. Anyone involved in brand development would be well-advised to become aware of this rapidly growing trend. Mashable defines Second Screen as “the use of an additional monitor (e.g. tablet, smartphone) while watching television. It allows the audience to interact with what they’re consuming whether it’s a TV show, video game or movie.” According to the Nielsen Ratings 45% of Americans are already using a mobile device or computer while watching television every day, and this figure is expected to grow over the next five years. Marketers are looking for more ways to stream relevant content to these multi-taskers faster than ever.

One firm is currently developing technology that will automatically detect what the user is viewing on TV and stream related content to his/her smartphone, iPhone, or tablet. Another company, Akamai, is working on an integrated approach that would eliminate the need for dual apps to achieve this goal. What may emerge is a new single standard for TV/Internet that will generate yet another paradigm shift in media and advertising; and when it does, we’ll be ready!
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