2 - What Subjects Should You Address to Your Employees in Video Meeting Openers

Meeting openers on a video screen are a great way to inspire your employees to start off the day on the right foot if they don’t feel overly inspired. No doubt you’ve worked for companies where a morning meeting is simply dead in the water due to everyone being tired and perhaps feeling bored. In the age of digital screens and video content, though, playing something that gets those employees revved up is going to be an essential psychological method when you need to get things done.

What kind of video themes should you provide to get the above motivation going? In theory, it can be something overly simple.

Using Thoughtful Quotes or Showing the Power of Words

Sometimes all it takes is some compelling music and showcasing powerful quotes about inspiration or getting things done to motivate people to action. You can find the quotes directly online through various quotation sites, or through Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. The rest can come in compelling graphics and fonts to accompany some inspirational music that fits the theme.

Don’t underestimate the power of music accompanied with text. With excellent production values and graphics, it may be all you need to get your meeting out of its bored slumber.

Visuals of People Doing Great Things

You’ll find some professional meeting openers out there using famous athletes who show footage of themselves physically succeeding against all odds. This can be done with public domain footage, or perhaps footage you took on your own of an incredible feat being done. It could even be footage of a prior accomplishment from your employees to jog their memories of what they’re capable of doing.

Visually exciting images of people doing incredible things usually work in energizing those who feel uninspired. Think about incorporating something like this in your next meeting opener and watch what the positive reactions will be.

Showcasing Videos About Working Together

Videos that show employees accomplishing something extraordinary together can also get everyone on the same page in being team players. Getting things done is frequently if not always going to mean everyone being on the same page. A meeting opener video showing the techniques of how people work together successfully will inspire everyone to aspire to the same goals.

Creating Videos That Lead to a Discussion

You can’t have a meeting without having some kind of substantive discussion. A video that addresses a controversial subject or method can start off a firestorm of conversation in order to break the morning ice. The whole point is to get your employees’ minds fired up and in a super creative mode. Keep in mind, though, that your meeting opener should be kept as short as possible so it can get the conversation going quicker.

In fact, all your meeting opener videos should be under five minutes, no matter how inspired the production is. It’s just enough time for your employees to absorb something compelling without wasting time.

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Contact us so we can start working on ideas that you have in mind. You may want to consider producing numerous meeting opener videos to use for different occasions when you most need your employees at the top of their game.