With the recent commercial availability of curved-screen HDTV’s, video content has suddenly turned into a more immersive experience for those always seeking out better visual experiences. And it was inevitable that whatever happens with HDTV technology would eventually be used in digital signage for advertising in companies. Curved digital signage is just now starting, and tech company Ricoh is releasing a new system that allows projection onto curved screens, as well as conical and sphere-like surfaces.

Digital projection systems have become a popular technology in big-name companies to use for marketing purposes. But we haven’t seen it used widely on digital signage yet, especially with curved screens. Ricoh is intending on making their new software simple enough where it enables companies to use one continual image to stretch across two or three curved screens.

The question is whether the curved screen format for digital signage is really going to catch on worldwide. While the basic intent is to help envelop images around a viewer, there’s already been some controversy over how effective it really is.

Being in the Right Position for the Immersive Effect

Despite the excitement over curved screens, CNET did a scientific analysis last year that showed it all depends on where you’re sitting and standing in how much of an immersive effect curved screens are supposed to give. On a smaller screen, you’d have to be sitting from within a certain distance and directly in the center in order to obtain the best effect. For digital signage, that could prove a detriment if someone is viewing it from a different angle. Of course, wall-size digital signs would be a different story, assuming it can be strategically placed so the viewer will see it right up close to be immersed.

Will we see retail stores and other public venues soon start to use curved digital signage in order to immerse the viewer with marketing? We’re already seeing increasingly large digital screens going up everywhere in order to capture more attention. It’s more than possible that curved, wall-size digital signage will be a mainstream technology in public venues within another few years.

Out of that, though, is the importance of video content and what that content should be. It’s going to be important to create content that’s organically immersive so it doesn’t seem manipulative. Regardless, when you can immerse a customer into your brand, you have new ways to make your company extremely memorable.

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