14 - Video Content on Digital Screens in Schools What Benefits Do They Have in Classrooms


Video content has been evolving to fit the particular location where digital signs are being used lately. And many places that never used digital signage before are finally starting to use them. This includes public schools where digital signs are going up in lobbies to relay information to students. In most cases, these are designed to pass on news to students or teachers when it’s not possible to do it any other way. Also, when emergencies occur (like a school shooting), digital screens can instruct students to leave the building when faculty aren’t available.

What about digital signage in the classroom, though? A company called Mimeo (that provides interactive digital screens in classrooms) recently put out a free guide online on which screens are the best to use for teaching. While the size and type of digital screen may play a huge factor in budgets and teaching needs, content is ultimately going to be everything.

What benefits does having video content on digital screens provide for students in schools? Also, how does it play a factor when iPads and other devices are now ubiquitous in the classroom?

The Importance of Interactivity on Learning

What makes video content and interactive digital screens so good for the classroom is the chance for the teacher to interact with the content so kids can learn in a more entertaining way. Kids can take turns using the touchscreen to ably display the interactivity in the content so everyone has a chance to experience learning in a new way.

This kind of group interactivity works much better than having students interacting alone with their iPads. When the digital content is combined with video content, it becomes even more useful if not even motivating.

Here at edgefactory, we can create excellent digital video content for any type of event or business. With video content used for meetings and events, you can motivate students just as much as meeting openers do in corporations. Students will be equally inspired by certain imagery, music, and graphics when put together by a production company that knows how to make these work together effectively.

Contact us here at edgefactory so we can help you put together motivational or educational video content for your digital signage or other displays. With schools getting into the fray, we can help bring a new perspective to our next generation as they already have with other technology.