Video content on digital signage in retail stores is becoming much more common, though we have yet to see a major advancement in digital signs on menus in restaurants. While there’s been some slight movement in fast food restaurants starting to use digital signage to show menu items, it’s not common yet. But will Ben and Jerry’s start growing a trend of having digital menus that change throughout the day based on customer demand and need for promoting niche offerings?

It’s an Australian chain of Ben and Jerry’s giving this a go first through a new digital signage company called Task Retail Technology. Why Ben and Jerry’s hasn’t tried a digital menu in America first is a mystery, though it’s going to get a test run in their Australian rollout. If it’s successful there, we’ll probably be seeing these digital signs used in all Ben and Jerry’s here in America within another year.

But will it make a big difference in evolving digital signage for menus in other restaurants? Or are customers still used to holding a tangible menu or looking at a regular menu board?

Alternating Menus Throughout the Day

Restaurants can already save money by not having to print up tangible menus if they ever decide to use digital signage as an alternative. With Ben and Jerry’s above having a more diverse menu that changes throughout the day, they were well suited for the technology. It helps tweak information digitally and can promote items that are the most popular during the day.

The generic aspect of the old menu boards reportedly made it more difficult for Ben and Jerry’s restaurants to update. As their menu became more diverse, trying to update those menus manually was sometimes a chore. Now with digital signs being connected to a network, they can be instantly updated to showcase different special offers every hour.

We’re already seeing digital signs like that in retail stores where content can be instantly updated through a mobile device. Whether restaurants will find a need for that is going to be up to how much they want to tweak their menus based on what’s happening in the moment.

When it comes to branding, updating a diverse menu in a restaurant is just as important as a logo or regular signage. Sometimes news events can transpire that may require a menu needing a change or setting up a special offer. No successful store or restaurant is going to keep everything the same when situations can potentially arise all of a sudden.

Of course, how that menu content looks is going to play a huge part in how people react to it. Here at Edgefactory, we can help with all video content on digital signage, whether it be digital menus to content on a large screen at a major event.

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