Video content and the size of digital signage screens seem to be colliding with one another recently. Here at edgefactory, we always emphasize the importance of content over the size of the screen. But we’re seeing evidence that digital sign screen dimensions are becoming as large if not larger than consumer HDTV’s. Already, we’re seeing a few here in America that are massive in scope and enough to accommodate large images in giant stadiums.

Now we’re starting to hear about digital signage that takes up entire wall spaces in retail stores. The company behind this is called Prysm, and they’ve just installed two 128-foot video walls in a company called CROSSMARK Center for Collaboration. The aforementioned company is associated with Walmart in bringing various services to the popular retailer. With these giant video walls, the intention is to make them interactive and to give a near virtual reality experience of shopping retail.

It’s a major foot forward for giant video walls that are also interactive. With the video walls, retailers can create elaborate retail plans by interacting with a convincingly real approach. That’s done with touch-screen capability and the ability to control information to create a specific retail plan or outcome.

While this is going to help retailers make better decisions, what happens once these larger digital signs end up in retail stores? Will retail stores be able to create virtual reality experiences to inspire consumers to buy more products in their store?

Larger Scale Imagery

With projection technology already being done on walls and floors in some companies, using it through digital signage inside a store is still very rare. Digital signage screens, though, are clearly getting larger in public places. The largest are mostly being used outside and not in many interiors. Perhaps some retailers are afraid of overwhelming customers with an entire wall bombarding them with images.

Now that digital signage has already created a wow effect for many, the next stage is probably doing something resembling virtual reality. Immersing people in compelling imagery (complete with a branding message) is only the logical next step in the evolution of digital signage.

Prysm above sets this in motion, and now we have to wait to see what kind of content might be applied to it in future public places. Content is going to be more important than ever in the larger-screen formats in order to give the suspension of disbelief.

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