Video content should always inspire or compel people to action on any size of screen, though there isn’t a doubt it can look spectacular on a digital sign with large dimensions. When it comes to the size of digital signage, we may be going through the same phase we did with HDTV’s where the larger they become, the more we want it even larger than large. In the world of HDTV’s, we’re already seeing 80-inch 4K TV’s becoming common in households. In digital signage, we had yet to see one at a size rivaling the dimensions of a billboard.

Now we’re seeing evidence that large facilities and outdoor arenas may be setting up digital signs that have the biggest screens ever seen in the industry. This comes through various companies, including one called Astral-Out-of-Home that’s supplying some of the first large-screen digital signs in the Calgary and Alberta, Canada markets.

Where will we inevitably see these larger digital screens once they arrive in the United States? Believe it or not, we already have one of the largest ones in the world in a state where everything is claimed to be bigger.


An airport in Canada is already using a giant wall filled with smaller digital screens to give the illusion an entire expansive wall is one massive screen. It shows advertisements while also displaying arrival and departure times, giving a consolidation of information and marketing as most digital signage has been doing for a while. The images, though, are much more striking coming from such a large space. No longer are digital signs just stand-alone monitors that can easily be overlooked. Once retail stores start using screens at wall size, advertising is going to be more of a jaw-dropping experience, especially if it’s in 4K.

Large Screens Over Buildings

We’ve already seen digital signs in major cities in Canada showing movie trailers. It’s also there where some of the largest digital signs are being installed over major corporate buildings. In America, that’s also starting to grow, though we’ll be seeing plenty more of them over the next few years. We’ll be seeing one on every street corner in major metropolises advertising everything from products to movies.

“Big Hoss” at the Texas Motor Speedway

Did you know that the largest known digital sign (from Panasonic) is now located at the Texas Motor Speedway? Perhaps Texas was right that everything is bigger there, because it’s already stunning many people with its sheer size and stunning imagery. It’s an unbelievable 218 feet high and 95 feet across, giving amazing views of car races when a racing event is underway. The term “Big Hoss” is appropriate, though we’ll have to see if such a thing will be manageable in other venues soon. Only the big corporations will be taking these on quickly based on their cost and scope in maintaining.

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