Just how large of a screen do you need when displaying video content on digital signage?  Just like our TV’s at home, it seems we’ve gone from being satisfied with less than a 20-inch screen width to now wanting no less than screens measuring 40 or 50-inches. Some can’t possibly invest in something like a 4K TV without going double that screen size, no matter how large it looks in a room. When it comes to digital signage, though, some of those same rules seem to apply to interactive screens where customers engage with the screen to find information.

In the beginning of interactive digital screens, it seems 40 inches or lower was usually the standard.  Now, much larger options are starting to be made as the public starts demanding more interactivity with digital screens.  As that demand goes up, they want more screen space to enjoy those interactions, particularly when the images are in 4K or use elaborate graphics and text.

A company called TouchSystems has developed one of the first 70-inch interactive screens based on research from their customers.  The companies that contract with them are saying the public want interactive screens going over 55 inches in order to supply the space for more touch points.  It is proof more elaborate interactive displays are starting to be appreciated by the public who no doubt use them to not only find information but also entertain them when waiting for appointments.

In medical offices, for instance, large interactive screens providing health information in an entertaining way can help while away the torture of waiting with nothing else to do. Also, when trying to navigate a new building, a large interactive screen provides more space to show details about different departments or floors.

With TouchSystems and their 70-inch digital screen, it now provides up to 32 screen areas a user can touch for a more complete interactive experience. Having these more extensive areas of the screen to touch likely gives the user a better sense of control over things, which can help customers on a psychological level. The last thing you want is using state-of-the-art technology in your business and have customers confused on how it works.

Before long, we’ll probably see these 70-inch interactive screens in big-name businesses and retail stores.  Here at edgefactory, we’re aware of how large interactive screens are becoming popular, and our content can help fulfill this demand. No doubt the screens will become even larger in future years to a point where interactive screens could fill an entire wall.

Contact us so we can help you create content that accommodates large digital screen sizes. With our many national awards and experience working with numerous companies worldwide, we’ll show you what works and usually doesn’t. We’ll also remind that no matter how big screens get, the quality of the content is going to make the real difference.