Andres Aceves

Visual Media Specialist, Mexico Liaison

Andres Aceves

Andres wouldn’t define his edgefactory role by one discipline. He creates high-quality Visual Effects and Motion Graphics video content for shows and corporate events, he provides high quality aerial video and photography using drone technology, and he is now developing the integration of 3D printing services. And as if that isn’t enough, he founded, and

Andres started making promo trailers for apps about 10 years ago, and that’s when he began using After Effects. Since then, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects have become his specialty. He likes to come up with creative solutions to complex projects.

“Element 3D allows me to create really good-looking animations inside After Effects,” he says.

He also has a special knack for applying drone photography and video to his projects at edgefactory. “I fly indoors at conferences to film the atmospheres that edgefactory builds, as well as outdoor events,” he says. “Then I’ll edit it and make a montage for the client and our own portfolio.”

Andres is currently an FAA Certified “Part 107” Professional Remote Pilot in Command (Drone Pilot) – “I love everything radio controlled, and everything that flies,” he explains. “I build my own drones from scratch.”

Andres takes great pride in his work and edgefactory and we’re thrilled to have him on our team. His motto: “I want my latest project to be my best project.”