REV desktop2_2Some things never change, particularly when it comes to researching the market before introducing a new medium to enhance the corporate brand. As more companies embrace the use of digital signage in their brick-and-mortar locations (trade show kiosks as well event wayfinding) the challenge is not to be lulled by technology and hardware. What’s needed is a ‘best practice’ overview on this trending technology, something Sean Matthews offers in his post, “Watch out for the top 6 digital signage mistakes” on The missteps seem obvious, like making sure everyone is on board with it’s purpose, which is to engage customers by offering attractive graphics and content compelling enough to invite their interaction. Not “falling in love” with a system, it’s hardware and technology, will ensure that the right focus on the marketing objectives—it’s still about marketing versus flaunting new technology in the store or at an event. More importantly, by not assigning this technology solely to IT, or a few in-house people, creativity will not suffer: Screens will keep their content relevant…fresh and exciting. Furthermore, the corporate brand is monitored to allow a continuity from digital signage to store branding and the overall company messaging.

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