Bek Yuldashev

Asset Manager

Bek Yuldashev

If there is one thing the staff at edgefactory can count on it’s for Bek to always bring his A game! Whether in front of or behind the camera or back in the office, Bek makes our projects and processes proceed more smoothly.

Bek manages both our physical and virtual assets. He’s our file guru, the one we all turn to when we can’t find something on our computers. Along with that, he makes sure we all do our part to make everyone’s job easier by saving files in the correct formats and drive locations.

His organizational gifts don’t stop there! Bek is also our physical asset manager. He can jump from locating a hard-to-find video file hidden deep in a server to then digging through the warehouse storeroom to find the props and equipment needed for the next shoot. When he’s not supporting the production team or back office staff, Bek can be found preparing files or gear for shoots, communicating with clients, editing videos, cataloguing and adding to our stock images, audio files and vfx templates, or you just might spot him behind the camera!

Before joining edgefactory 5 years ago, this jack-of-all-trades hosted the popular YouTube online talk show “But What Do I Know.” In addition to hosting, Bek edited numerous travel videos for one the of the most “magical places on earth.” He has worked in a wide range of production specialties, from cameraman to technical director.

“I love production. Even when I’m not working, you can find me making and editing my own videos.”

An avid traveler, Bek brings a distinct international flair to every project. Capable, confident and always comfortable, we anticipate only great things from this Renaissance man!