It isn’t easy to keep your competitive edge in the marketplace today, particularly with all the social media channels popping up.  Everyone is attempting to build that all important brand development through everything from Pinterest to YouTube.

Measuring the success or failure of online videos is more than just logging the number of people viewing your production, according to a post on ReelSEO, “4 Ways to Evaluate Your Performance Beyond Video Views.”

Using YouTube metrics as a guideline, the overview offers tangible considerations to help you judge just how well your video content is being received. Here are a few tips mentioned:

1. Keeping their interest: Retention and ‘Proportion Watched’

Somewhere beyond the opening of your video, and maybe 20 seconds into it, you’re seeing people leaving for the exits.  It’s paramount, particularly with YouTube’s new algorithms, to look deep at the analytics to gauge overall viewer retention, as well as which parts of the video are turning them away.  It could just be that your video is too long.  We recommend keeping promotional videos around 90 seconds.  That’s just enough time to make your point without boring your audience.

2. Make the content engaging; look at ‘Views’ to ‘Subscribers’

You can have a base of a million subscribers, but only about a hundred people viewing your content.  Starting with eXCEPTIONAL content increases your subscriber base/viewers.  Helpful tips, motion graphics, and artful camera angles will catch your audience’s attention and keep them from clicking away.

3. Get ‘em to interact: It’s all about “ratio of views” to users

Passive viewers spell death to your video, regardless of how great you think your content is. Aim to see how viewers comment on your video, or share the video and embed it, say, on Facebook and visit your websites, etc.  Include a call to action at the end to turn your subscribers into advocates.

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