Ask any business-to-business marketer what made their corporate video production a successful part of their integrated marketing strategy and chances are, they’ll tell you they focused on the all-important human factor to connect viewers to the message, and ultimately to the company. True, creating an effective corporate communications video is not an easy task; but with a little creativity, a video can hook your audience and become a great tool for communication, internally and externally.

What B2B Videos Can Learn from What Goes Viral,” gives a great overview of the elements that yield success:

–Trustworthiness or Warmth
–Expertise or Intelligence
–Comfort or Compatibility

In one example, the unconventional casting choices of a national accounting firm inadvertently created a fantastic “recruiting tool.” It turned the perception of a boring accounting firm on its head. The video linked to their website, and drove over 45,000 hits and scores of enthusiastic comments.

Business to Business marketers are aware that their production must speak to executives, but that doesn’t mean the tone must be high-brow or stodgy. Incorporating humor, heart-felt stories, or the element of surprise makes the viewer sit up and pay attention. It’s also important to have the right balance of story-telling and selling. The article advises emphasizing the relationship with the customers, with the product or service aspects subtly woven into the mix.

You can’t set out to create a viral video, but with 80% of senior executives watching internet videos every week; you can bet a well-planned video will attract the right kind of attention for your business!
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