Businesses hunger for the right mix in their marketing tool box. They look for ways to measure and tweak their messaging in order to increase their ROI and discover new revenue opportunities.

Video marketing, often associated with big company budgets, is taking the marketplace by digital storm with perfect scenarios that can integrate with most any SMB strategy; a good reason to consider the services of a professional video production company like edgefactory.

Video Marketing Isn’t Just for Consumer Brands Anymore,” a recent post on, reveals an impressive range of outcomes for B2B and B2C marketers who opt for video as a go-to marketing tactic.

  • “Videos are 50 times more likely to be on Google’s first page.
  • People stay on websites five times longer with video.
  • Product videos make consumers 85 percent more likely to buy.”

When it comes to online video content, even the upper C-Level folks are logging a whopping 80% more time viewing content online this year than last.

What can video marketing bring to your business?

  • Better ‘audience development’ – i.e. engagement
    A lot of digital noise dominates social media channels, email blasts and telemarketing blitzes. B2B people are coming to rely on video content, not only to “reach buyers” but also to engage influencers.
  • Better Search Engine Optimization
    Getting your message across in a professionally produced video improves the SEO outcome. Good content drives customers to websites. YouTube notes that video clocks a “20 percent increase in traffic” to a company’s website.

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