Anyone who has ever attended a conference knows that even the best planned meeting can drag on with boring speakers or long presentations. Video content and animated graphics can help attendees enjoy the event and retain more information. Here are three corporate event ideas that incorporate video presentations.
Motivational Video
The goal of many corporate events is to increase employee performance – to motivate them. Motivational videos have long been used in the process. Don’t be afraid to use humor and less traditional videos to engage your audience. When possible, the video can be made more meaningful by using employees as actors. This will make the video presentation more personal, and may also generate excitement as the participants talk about the filming experience with others. Sprinkling interesting videos throughout the meeting will help maintain audience interest and focus.

Game Show
Infuse your corporate event with a little fun! Often large events will have a theme, such as the 80’s or casino night. A game show night is a great way to get people to participate in the presentation and practice teamwork. Pick a popular game show, and create your own version. Display an animated background or use video clips as part of the game. For example, use music video clips and ask participants to name that song! This can be done with clips of television, movies, actors or even company brands. A large company may want to have a competition between the senior leaders and a group of pre-chosen employees. The rest of the company can watch and cheer on their favorites!

Humor is a great way to get people’s attention and help them retain information. If your corporate event is meant to disseminate information to employees, a spoof is a great way to start! If you are launching a corporate health and wellness program, you could create a spoof on a classic 80s aerobics video. If you are reinforcing the importance of communication, you could exaggerate a scene from the movie Office Space. Be creative, and review current advertising and pop culture for ideas.
Utilizing video throughout your corporate event is a great way to jazz up your meeting and keep your audience focused. For more corporate event ideas, contact us and add edge to your meeting!