Creative Media & Video Production

When it comes to video content, we add the EDGE! We specialize in video content for ad agencies, production companies, AV companies, and Fortune 500’s around the globe. edgefactory was honored to win its first Emmy in 2013, after our second nomination, as well as over 60 international awards for our video content design.

We turn your video project into a brand experience by integrating creativity with storytelling. Every video we make meets our award-winning standards of energy, emotion, and edge.

Already have in-house graphics or video support? We love collaborating with other teams to add edge with motion graphics and audio/color mastery, making your project world-class! Ask how we can add some EDGE to your next video project, or even a previous!


No matter your distribution method, digital video is one of the most powerful tools to engage your audience.

If your email blast includes video, the click-through rate increases by 200-300%.
YouTube mobile video consumption goes up 100% each year.

These measurements sound extreme–that’s because the impact of video is extreme! Imagine what we can do together!

These are some of the Creative Media & Video Production services edgefactory offers:

  • Corporate Communications Content – Internal/External
  • Instructional Design / The New Way to do Training Videos
  • Music Video Production and Enhancements
  • Award Show Content, Design and Direction (Wanna look like the Oscars?)
  • B-roll acquisition and PR reels
  • Interview Capture & Edit
  • National Commercial Production
  • Content for Digital Signage (Lobby Loops, Webpage video loops)
  • Motion Graphics/Visual Effects/3D Modeling (logo reveals, transitions etc.)
  • Supplemental Content Design & Video Repackaging


“edgefactory has done such an amazing job in creating my Event Logo and Opening Video – elevating my conference professionalism significantly. I know so many meeting planners that I have shown our opening videos to – that never knew you could do something like that.
Love me some edgefactory – I look like a million bucks at showtime!!”

Mary Haley, Executive Director, Sonitrol National Dealers Association

Video Content with edge

Video Content with edge