Dan Ballester


Dan Ballester

As Associate Editor & Production Specialist, Dan is the one who brings a project together. Diligently collecting all the disparate pieces from each department, he solidifies the story and gives each video its final identity.

Originally from southern Massachusetts, Dan left the snow behind for sunny Florida. He immediately became involved in the Orlando film community working on short films at Valencia Community College and Full Sail University and volunteering at the Enzian Theater in Maitland. Soon after, he graduated from the University of Central Florida film program where he wrote, directed, and edited a multitude of short films. In 2013, he joined edgefactory where he has been hard at work editing projects, participating in client video shoots, and working his camera magic.

Dan is a film buff, spending many hours outside of work watching films and working on his own digital projects. Whether he is attending fringe events or collaborating on independent film projects, Dan is always interested in working on something bizarre or original. Dan is an adamant fan of absurdist comedy, surrealism and stop motion animation. In his spare time, Dan likes to produce films, specifically “Super’mance” which premiered at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. You can also find him (acting, editing, writing, and directing), along with edgefactory editor Adriel Jimenez, on their web series/live show “SPACE DAD”.

He credits his extracurricular creative work for sharpening his skills and providing inspiration for client projects–and we couldn’t agree more! Dan is a creative soul whose artistic expression is a way of life!

“What I love most about working at edgefactory is the creative freedom we have. Knowing what the client wants and what my producer wants and having faith in each gives us the freedom to explore and be creative within the boundaries.”