Deb Ofsowitz

Business Development

Deb Ofsowitz

If you were to ask Deb Ofsowitz what the unifying theme of her career is, she’d say “customer service”. But we think there’s an even better way to describe exactly what Deb does: She creates memorable experiences for people. First, at Universal Orlando, then at Balance Orlando, and now at edgefactory.

Deb works inside and outside of the edgefactory offices, with staff and with clients. As our sales and marketing lead, she wears a lot of different hats (pretty typical of everyone at edgefactory, now that we think about it!). Working closely with our communications team, Deb is in constant contact with vendors, clients, contractors, and her edgefactory colleagues. But that’s not enough for her. She is also involved in promotions and event management. Did we mention lead generation, selling edgefactory as the ultimate brand and media solution, and tour guide extraordinaire?

In fact, one of Deb’s favorite job duties is giving tours of “One of the Top 10 Coolest Office Spaces in Orlando” – yes, that’s edgefactory! If you haven’t been into the office yet, reach out to Deb. Descriptions don’t do justice–you have to experience it for yourself.

“I love giving tours of the edgefactory offices. It’s the ultimate selling tool. Clients can literally see what edgefactory can do for them. We customize every tour to the client. It’s a very powerful experience.”

Outside of the office, Deb enjoys writing, entertaining, and auto mechanics (no, we did not make that up). She’s an active volunteer in the Orlando area as a member of the Metropolitan Business Association and serving as Secretary of the Board and Auction Manager for Come Out With Pride.

Chances are, you’ll see her at events around Orlando–she’s a gal about town, volunteering for and supporting the organizations she’s involved with.